Angafaru was declared protected on 6th of June 2009. The protected area includes Dhonfanuthila, Dhiguthila and Mahaanagaa. Years back this area was a breeding ground for both grey (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) and white tip (Triaenodon obesus) reef sharks.

Pregnant females and juveniles of both species were regularly observed at ‘Shark Nursery’, a once popular local dive site. Due to over fishing, reef shark numbers have dramatically decreased from this site.

Special features

High Biodiversity marine region with standing population of hard and soft corals and associated marine vertebates and invertebrates. The reef system is directly associated with the unique dynamic water circulation system of the protected area of Hanifaru, that nusring south-west monsoons aggregates for feeding high numbers of endagered mega fauna animals (whale sharks and manta rays).

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