Dhigali Haa, Dhigali Giri

Dhigali Haa was decalred protected in October 1999 and on 5 June 2011 the boundary area of Dhigali Haa was increased to inlcude the area Dhigali Giri.

Special features

High biodiversity and standing population of hard and soft corals and associated marine invertebrates and vertebrates. This area is a long and narrow reef characterised by a colourful reef top with overhangs. The reef top at Dhighali haa is between 12m and 16m deep, with slopes down to depths of about 32m. Red-encrusting coralline algae are abundant and there are many colonies of digitate and branching Acropora spp. Corals. At the time declared protected Dhigalhihaa was famous for sighting barracudas and turtles. Sharks have declined markedly in B. Atoll the last few years and today divers reports no shark sightings at this specific area, whereas 5 years back the area was rich in grey and white-tipped reef sharks.


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