All interested parties can become partners of Baa Atoll Conservation Fund (BACF) by signing a partnership Agreement with BACF. Upon signing the signee the and the Baa Atoll Conservation Fund (BACF) agree to collaborate in the conservation and sustainable development of Baa Atoll to ensure it is a world class model of atoll ecosystem conservation in accordance with its designation as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. This collaboration aims to generate co-financing and other cooperation that will support the objectives of the Biosphere Reserve:

•Conserving and enhancing the natural beauty, biodiversity and cultural heritage of Baa Atoll

•Promoting opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of Baa Atoll by local communities and visitors 

•Supporting the sustainable development of Baa Atoll, including fishing, tourism and the economic and social interests of those who live and work in the area 

The partnership contributions of the signee will be secured through: 

•Selling Baa Atoll Conservation Tokens on a voluntary basis to their guests (and compulsorily to those wishing to go recreational fishing).

•Selling Hanifaru Access Permits to their guests, as compulsory access permits to this marine protected area.

•Encouraging very wealthy guests to make contributions to the BACF.

•Paying an annual management and promotion fee for the Biosphere Reserve.

•Other non-financial cooperation


In return for their partnership contributions, the signee will benefit from:

•The unique differentiator provided by the Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve

•Use of the Biosphere Reserve logo for marketing *

•Display of their logo on the BACF and Biosphere Reserve websites*

•Two seats for the resorts on the Board of Trustees of the BACF  *

•One seat for the resorts on the Advisory Board of the Biosphere Reserve *

•Opportunity to obtain co-financing from the BACF for conservation and sustainable development projects *

•Access for their guests by permit to the Hanifaru core area for a Hanifaru Access Permit of $20 per person (there will be a supplementary charge of a further $20 for guests of resorts that have not signed this Agreement)

•The opportunity to sell Biosphere Reserve merchandise to their guests on a profit-sharing basis

•A Biosphere Reserve Office (staff team, including rangers) as the environmental management body for the Biosphere Reserve (unique to the Maldives)

•Reduced conflicts and greater synergies with other users, particularly local communities, as a result of participatory planning and management 

•More effective management of the core protected areas (eg Hanifaru, Angafaru, Olhughiri, Ghoidoo Mangroves, etc.) 

•Mechanism for atoll-wide management arrangements, rather than islands taking individual decisions (e.g. one mechanism for user fees for access to core areas) 

•Mechanism for resolving long-term issues (e.g. waste management, shark fishing, etc.) 

•Opportunities for enhancing the visitor experience through better environment and new green visitor attractions (e.g. Hanifaru visitor centre, video cameras at core areas transmitting back to the resorts)

•Joint actions to promote sustainable livelihoods of local communities including the development of local sustainable procurement opportunities (handicrafts, vegetables, etc.)

•The partnership is also serviced through:

•Implementation of the Baa Atoll Conservation Tokens

•Implementation of the “Hanifaru Access Permit”

•Encouragement of very wealthy guests of to make donations to the BACF 

•Paying of Biosphere Reserve management and promotion fee

•Participation in BACF work and through

•Information exchange and promotion programmes 


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