Projects Awarded


The following projects were handed over the Grants Award letters:
1. Introduction and Training Program on Hydroponics.
Project by Dharavandhoo Development Cooperative Society (Livelihood, Education/Awareness).
2. Training Course on Outboard Engine Repair and Maintenance 
Project by FEYLI  of Eydhafushi (Livelihood).
3. Save Turtle Forum
Project by: Kendhoo School (Education /Awareness, Conservation).
4. Kihaadhoo Goes Organic
Project by: FAAM Foundation of Kihaadhoo  (Education/Awareness, Livelihood).
5. Construction of Monument
Project by: Kudarikilu Council (Livelihood).
6. Eco friendly fertilizer production
Project by Maalhos Women’s Development Committee (Livelihood).
7. Training Course on Lacquer Works
Project by: Thulhaadhoo Council (Livelihood). 
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