Outboard Engine Repair and Maintenance Course ends

The Training Course on Outboard Engine Repair and Maintenance Course funded by Baa Atoll Conservation Fund has been successfully completed.
One of the most important objective of the Training Programme  is to find a solution to the long lasting problems faced by outboard vessel owners of Baa Atoll on the lack of know -how and knowledge by captains and boat crews in fixing minor issues to outboard engines. 
Certified Instructors from Yamaha, Mercury and Maldives Police Services was  in-charge of all training sessions including both theory practical and practical which was held for a period of twenty one days.
The “Outboad Engine Repair and maintance Course” was conducted from 19 November to 6 December 2015 in Eydhafushi with the technical assistance from Maldives Police Services and Alia Investments Pvt Ltd. The course was free for all participants.
25 participants initially were enrolled in the Course but due to various reason only 17 paticipants completed the course.
The inauguration of “Outboad Engine Repair and maintance Course” Course was held on 19 November in Eydhafushi and a delegation from Maldives Police Services, Alia Investment Pvt Ltdtogether with Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Office, Baa Atoll Conservation Fund, senior officials from public and private sector attended the ceremony. 
The participants of the Course were given training on the two most common brands of outboard engines used in the country namely Yamaha and Mercury through theory and practical lessons.
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Suady together with Managing Director of Alia Investment Pvt Ltd attended the closing ceremony of the Training Course. Both the Assistant Commissioner and the Managing Director both pledged their organizations' full coorperation to develop this skill in Eydhafushi and upgrade participants' skills and informed that and all doors in relation to this will always be open.
The demand for service, repair and maintenance of outboard engines is continuously increasing throughout the atoll.,  However, there is no specialized Service Center for this service in the atoll as trained technicians are few in this field and most of the time service has to be acquired from Male' which is very costly and inconvenient for speed boat owners.
FEYLI and Baa Atoll Conservation Fund hopes  that upon completion of Outboard Engine Repair and Maintenance Course by the 17 trained participants they will be able to undertake all minor repair and maintenance work of outboard engines whereby solving the issues faced with outboard engine repair and maintenance. In return saving the vessels owners time and hassle of transporting the vessel to Male' or bringing in a trained mechanic from outside the atoll or Male’ to undertake the required work.
Work is already ongoing by FEYLI to make arrangements for Eydhafushi to become a hub for service, repair and maintenance of outboard engines as the number of outboard vessels in the atoll continue to increase whereby contributing for future employment and economic growth of Eydhafushi and the atoll.
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