BACF Board Meeting 1 / 2019

The first Board meeting of 2019 of the Baa Atoll was held on 28 Januray 2019 at the Ministry of Environment and the meetings was attended by 8 participants from 7 stakeholder organisations. (Environment Protection Agency, Four Seasons Maldives at Landaagiraavaru, Local Government Authority, Maldives Boating Association, Baa Atoll Conservation Fund, Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Office, Ministry of Environment)
The meeting was chaired by the Director General of Environmental Protection Agency, Mr.Ibrahim Naeem.
The Agenda items for the day included (a). Approval and Discussion of BR Office Workplan 2019 and Office/BACF Budget 2019, (b) Update of activities undertaken BR Office in 2018 (c) Discussions on Hanifaru Management Plan (d) BACF Grants for the next cycle (e) Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Periodic Review (F) Discussion on Other Issues
The following decisions was taken by BACF Board in its meeting held on 28 January 2019:
1. The value of the next cycle of grants from BACF to be officially announced once the Atoll Council has completed all paperwork in relation to the proposed projects to be funded in 2019 upon approval by BACF Board.
2. Priority to be given to Baa Atoll Council as the Grant recipient for 2019 and the Atoll Council to come up with tangible outputs for all islands after communicating with all Island Councils.
3.The Workplan of BR Office 2019 and BR OFFICE/BACF budget as presented.
4. Inform all resorts stating that they should become partners of the BR, 
5. Inform all stakeholders on Baa Atoll BR periodic review and to seek supportfrom all involved in maintaining the BR status for Baa Atoll.
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