Meetings undertaken with Resort Management

Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Office together with Baa Atoll Conservation Fund have concluded visits to 12 resorts in the atoll.
The main purpose of the visit to the resorts was introducing the work carried out by Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Office especially to the newly opened resort managements, dives schools of the atoll and build on the established partnerships that alreay exists and informing the management of the resorts the  need for more partnerships to be established and between resorts resort and Baa Atoll Conservation Fund as this would help in generating revenue to the fund whereby the communities would be abe to benifit more with grants from the fund.
During the 5 day trip discussions was held on the activities planned for 2019 under the three programs of Baa Atoll BR Office; CConservation, Education and Awareness and Livelihood.
Information was also be provided on the latest development in relation to World UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and on the upcoming periodic review by UNESCO of Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserveand identifying how new partnerships could be forged with the newly functional establishments.
The team is led by the Managing Director of Baa Atoll Conservation Fund Mr. Abdulla Shibau, accompanied by the Officer in-charge of BR Office Mr.Shafee Ali together with the Conservation Officer and the Rangers who are working at BR Office.
The 5 day trip started on 26 March visiting Westin Maldives, Vakkaru Maldives and Coco Palm Dhunikolhu on the firts day ending the day with a meeting with the Olive Ridley Project Team on Coco Palm Dhunikolhu.
On the second day the team visited Dhigufaru Island Resort, Milaidhoo , Four Seasons Resorts Maldives and Manta Trust  where details discussions were held with regards to Manta Festival 2019 and the "Moodhu Madharusaa" - Ocean School organized by Manta Trust to be carried out in Baa Atoll in association with Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Office.
On the thrd day the team visited Reethi Beach Resort, Dreamland The Unique Sea & Lake Resort Spa and Dusit Thani Maldives and on the last day the team had the pleasure of visting the newest meber of the resosrt family in Baa Atoll namely The Nautilus.
The trip was a huge success as a lot of issues were covered and way forwards were agreed.
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