BACF Board Meeting 2 / 2019

The second Board meeting of 2019 of the Baa Atoll was held on 18 July 2019 at the Secretariat of Baa Atoll Council with participation from 7 stakeholder organisations.
The meeting was chaired by the Director General of Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Ibrahim Naeem.
The main Agenda item for the day included follow up discussionson the previous meeting in relation to the Second Cycle of grants from BACF.
The following decisions was taken by BACF Board in its meeting held on 18 July 2019:
a. To develop 2 bedroom apartments on all 13 islands.
b. As approved in the last board meeting, BACF to transfer MVR 3,000,000.00 (Three Million Maldivian Rufiya) as grants from BACF for cycle 2019 to Baa Atoll Council once agreement is signed between Baa Atoll Conservation Fund and Baa Atoll Council.
c. Baa Atoll Council to match the figure of BACF for the proposed development.
d. All land plots allocated for this development to be registered under the Island Council prior to start of development.
e. The apartments to carry “Biosphere” next to their name on each island. 
f. Baa Atoll Council to undertake all required work in relation to proposed development and to keep Baa Atoll Conservation Fund informed of the developments regularly.
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