MOU signed between BACF and Baa Atoll Council

An MOU has signed between Baa Atoll Council and Baa Atoll Conservation Fund for the development of 2 bedroom apartments  to be undertaken under the second cycle of grants from the Conservation Fund.
Under the MOU signed Baa Atoll Council would be in charge of over all work to be carried out on 13 islands as endorsed by the Conservation Fund Board in its second meeting held in 2019 to develop fully furnished 2 bedroom apartments on all 13 inhabited islands in the atoll.
The MOU was signed by the Minister of Environment and Energy Dr.Hussain Rasheed Hassan on behalf of BACF while the President of Baa Atoll Council Mr.Mabrook Naseer signed for the Council.
Work on the developments is scheduled to start once funds have been transferred to the Council.
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